Couples & Marriage Relationship Counselling

Most of us have had little experience in how to solve challenges or how to communicate more effectively.

Relationships don't have to be painful. My approach is tailored to your individual situation and needs.It is not a cookie cutter approach. Instead my approach focuses on the uniqueness of the the individuals histories which they bring to the relationship.

Many emotions are common to all relationship challenges such as frustration, discouragement, anger, hurt, sadness, etc, each person presents certain beliefs, and coping styles that challenge their partner. These differences surface in miscues, misunderstandings, and may eventually result in distance and hurt. They also present opportunities for learning, growth, and intimacy.Individual responsibility and growth are essential components to enhancing relationships.I work with couples to raise awareness of their individual blocks and how it affects their relationship patterns. Often communications are based on assumptions that are not checked out and then they are acted on as if they are true.This will most likely create an emotional reaction in their partner such as hurt, defensiveness, withdrawal, or aggression. Why? Because the assumption often suggests that they know what their partners intentions are.

Not only can they be wrong about this knowing but it is unfair of them to presume without asking whether their partner if they are correct and this is the source of upset in their partner.

I assist clients to uncover their communication style and guide and train them to become better communicators.I work with couples of all nationalities and sexual orientations that are experiencing negative and non-productive patterns of relating and help them develop skills for framing and maintaining healthy and loving relationships.