Individual Relationship Counselling

Individuals have the capacity to heal themselves and enhance their relationships.

Achieving successful relationships is a key ingredient to leading a fulfilling and productive life.

Creating and maintaining a happy and kind relationship with yourself is necessary first step in developing loving relationships with others. How can this be achieved? By exposing non-productive beliefs, identifying repetitive thinking cycles, and raising awareness to the behaviour patterns that reinforce these beliefs.In addition there is always an "Emotional Charge " accompanying these cycles, such as, fear, emptiness, betrayal, anger, etc. when this emotional charge is lowered or bled off a natural shift takes place.

Many clients report a major sense of relief, a felt lightness, an ability to become unstuck, a dissipating of negative thinking, and the courage to move ahead. So say they simply begin to like themselves more.

Relapse is a common occurrence in therapy, however, my experience is that relapse is significantly reduced and sometimes completely eliminated.Why does this happen? When "Emotional Charge" is down there is less need to reduce it and less pull for a person to revert to their old coping style. Less replace.