Martin Pinaud is relationship counsellor who has helped couples, families, and individuals overcome challenges and find peace and empowerment. Learn more about Martin from the testimonials below:

  • Martin is an exceptionally gifted clinician! He has been a tremendous help to me personally, and to both my children throughout the deep and overwhelming grief and loss we all experienced at the sudden and tragic death of my husband several years ago. Since that time, he has continued to assist my family in ways the enhance our relationships with each other while strengthening the resolve to live our lives in keeping with a functional, respectful, loving and caring path. Thank You, Martin.

    J. Grimes

    Executive Director BC Centre for Applied Metapshchology

  • Kam

    I have seen Dr. Pinaud for over five sessions and I will continue to see him into the distant future. I have seen various categories of health professionals over the years and Dr. Pinaud is the preeminent professional. I initially sought his help because of my binge drinking. Through his guidance and teachings, I soon realized that my binge drinking was a symptom or a result of my tension from various issues in my life. We are making incredible progress and it gives me hope in all facets of my life. Each session feels like a litany of epiphanies.

    He has facilitated my disclosure on a variety of levels. He is an extremely good listener,and interjects only when necessary. He conducts overtime without reservation. He defies the traditional stereotypes f psychologists He has incredible contextual awareness and is genuinely interested in helping me succeed. He has given me various coping techniques to deal with various unique stressors in everyday life. He gives me readings between sessions to expedite my personal growth. He is an authentic person who gives real techniques to deal with real issues.

    Dr. Pinaud does not view the individual as powerless over their situation. Rather, he has empowered me to tackle the trials and tribulations of life with fervour and intelligence.


    Barrister and Solicitor

  • Martin has helped me to overcome many challenges that I was afraid of facing. I have become more assertive, gained courage, and confidence, and let go of a lot of guilt with his help. He is extremely easy to talk to and doesn’t judge me but accepts me for who I am. Thank you sp much, Martin. I have told many of my friends and family about you and I will continue to recommend you.

    Danielle N.


  • Martin Pinaud has been my counselor this past year assisting me with the ramifications of a very difficult divorce. Martin demonstrates his professionalism through his excellent listening skills, guiding me with rational thinking and keeping me focused on y goals. I compliment Martin regarding his dedication to his profession and his attention to detail as he assists me (and my children) through this healing process of rebuilding my life. Martin Pinaud was recommended to me by another therapist and I am very grateful for this recommendation. I would definitely refer other people to him for counseling services.

    Heather C.